Be Comp Ready

For many dancers, competition season is just beginning! This is a time when nerves run full force, excitement is felt by everyone, and at times chaos ensues! Whether you are new to the competitive world or a seasoned veteran, check out these tips to help make your competition experience run smoothly.

Be Prepared. . .

Tights on Tights!

For anything that is easily ruined or lost, have a backup! Stock up on extra tights and earrings. Rushing through a quick change, or having a little one who insists on being independent, can sometimes result in a snag to tights. Always have an extra pair! To give your tights a longer life, trying washing them prior to use! When washing, always try to hand wash and then hang to dry. However, we know that sometimes this doesn’t always happen during this busy time of the year. If you need to machine wash, try placing tights in a mesh laundry bag before throwing them in the wash. This can help keep your tights in tip top shape!

Be Organized. . .

Safety First!

While having back up tights are important, it’s also important to have an “emergency kit” for accidents such as spills, tears, and more. Have a kit made up with Band-Aids, nail polish remover, sewing kit, extra hair supplies, and a stain remover stick. For some ready-made kits, check out our Bloch Hair Kit and our Bloch Stretch Ribbon Kit. The last thing you need is for your pointe shoe ribbons to become unattached and not have a backup plan!

Keep Your Shoes Clean!

It’s no secret that change rooms and warm up spaces can often get messy. It is important to keep your feet and shoes nice and clean. Having something to wear over your shoes while preparing for stage, is a great way to keep your shoes clean and your feet warm. You can try wearing slip on sandals or cozy socks. Check out our Warm Up Booties, Sansha Shoe Covers & Repetto Dance Socks.

Stay Warm!

While on the topic of keeping your feet clean and warm, it is also important to keep your costume clean and muscles warm before going on stage. Most studios require jackets and/or pants, however, sometimes this doesn’t always work based on the costume. Invest in a pair of great legwarmers to keep your tights clean and legs warm. These are especially helpful for your ballet numbers to keep your light pink tights looking fresh!

Air Your Shoes Out!

In the hustle and bustle of quick changes or in a hectic change room, often times our shoes just get thrown back into your dance bag. Leaving sweaty shoes in your dance bag can actually wear them out faster and decrease their life span and not to mention cause a stinky dance bag! This is especially important for your pointe shoes. When you get home from a day of completion, try laying your shoes out flat to help dry them out. To combat the smell of your dance shoes, try a shoe deodorizer like our Freshify Foot Spray which can also help soothe your tired feet!

Have Fun!

Lastly, competition should be a fun experience for all involved! Enjoy your time on stage, make memories with your dance besties, and take lots of pictures! Share a picture of your competition experience on Instagram with #danceshoppecomp so we can cheer you on too! Good luck to all of our dancers, and have an amazing season!

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