Studio Catering Service

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Studio Fitting Service 

Whether your studio is in London or in a city close by. . .

We make it easy for your dancers to get the proper fit with our in studio catering.

We offer Special Studio Promotions & Bulk Order Discounts (15%-35% OFF)

Here is how it works:

Schedule a consultation with our team where we will discuss a fitting day(s) that will work best for your dancers, products, pricing and special promotions.

At your consultation (in person, via phone or email): We will work with you to put together a list of all required shoes, tights, body wear and accessories. After the appointment, we will prepare a full range of sizes to fit your dancers. Please allow at least 1-2 weeks between your consultation and the fitting day. All you have to do is inform your parents of the relevant dates and times to bring their dancers!

At the fitting: Two or four of our staff members (depending on volume) will arrive at the studio with all necessary sizes and samples. We will spend the day(s) sizing all dancers and ensuring they have everything they need for the upcoming competition numbers and/or recital dances. We require dancers/parents to prepay. We are able to process cash, debit and credit payments at the fitting.

After the fitting: We will place orders with the various suppliers after sizing the dancers. Please allow two weeks for delivery. Once we have received the items, we will make up a bag for each dancer containing the items that they ordered. Everything will be labelled and dropped off at the studio for dancers/parents to pick up.

Competition & Recital Season fittings available!