Pointe Shoe Fittings

Here at The London Dance Shoppe, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, expertise and personal experience en pointe, as all of our staff are current or former dancers.

Each of our pointe shoe specialists have experienced years of being en pointe and months of in-depth training to back their knowledge on each brand and style of shoe that we carry.

All pointe shoe fittings are by appointment only to ensure that the dancer(s) gets our undivided attention throughout the process of finding the proper fit. This is so we can allow our focus to be solely on the process of the fitting, inspecting everything from the dancer’s toes, feet, arches, ankle, knee and hip alignment. You can book a fitting using our online calendar by clicking here.

Remember to always have your new pointe shoes assessed by your teacher prior to sewing your ribbons and elastics on. Your dance teacher must approve of the shoes, as we do not allow exchanges once the shoes show signs of wear and tear and or ribbons/elastics sewn. We also want to note that pointe shoes have a typical life span of 10-20 dancing hours. Depending on the frequency and the strength of your feet, this can vary.