Pointe Shoe Care & Foot Protection

Letting Your Pointe Shoes Breathe
This is very important! Most pointe shoes are made from natural materials and are designed to mould to your foot as you sweat, causing them to breakdown over time. We like to compare pointe shoes to paper mâché - if they get wet, they will be ruined and no longer properly support the feet. Your dance bag is not the place to keep your shoes in between dance classes, neither are plastic bags. Be sure to air them out separately at home after class to ensure they do not mould together and lose their shape. The average life span for a pair of pointe shoes is ten to twenty hours. 
Keep You Pointe Shoes Away from Household Pets
You love your new pointe shoes, and so will your pet! Animals are attracted to the odour of the shoes and the glue paste that makes the shoe hard. Be sure to keep them out of harms way!
Foot & Toe Padding
We carry many different foot accessories for pointe shoes. Please keep in mind, that their purpose is to help relieve pressure. Remember, less is more when it comes to padding your shoes. You do not want to use so much padding that you are unable to feel what your foot is doing in the shoe! If you use too much you may end up breaking in the pointe shoes incorrectly. You still need to be able to ‘feel the floor!’ Here is a list of the many accessories available at the Shoppe:
Toe Pads
Lamb’s Wool
Medical Toe Tape
Top Caps & Sleeves
Toe Spacers & Bunion Guards  [For dancers with a pre-disposition to bunions or existing bunions]
Nail & Skin Care For Your Feet
Be sure to keep your toe nails neatly trimmed. File straight across and do not file into the corners of your nails. (TIP: Using a file versus clippers allows use to gently and gradually reach a desired length) Be careful not to file so short that it causes soreness or inflammation! When it comes to skin care, it is important that you do not completely remove callused rough skin. A certain amount of hard skin is necessary, as it creates a protective layer which aids in preventing abrasions and blisters. Tough skin is happy skin when it comes to pointe work! You can soak in Epsom salts to relax muscles and reduce swelling. Remember to keep your feet clean and dry to avoid bacteria or fungus. 
For more information on pointe shoe care and foot protection, please visit Pointe Shoe FAQs.

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