What to Expect at your Pointe Shoe Fitting:

Here at The London Dance Shoppe, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, expertise and personal experience en pointe, as all of our staff are current or former dancers. Each of our pointe shoe specialists have experienced years of being en pointe and months of in-depth training to back their knowledge on each brand and style of shoe that we carry. 
In preparation. . .
Please ensure that your toe nails are neatly trimmed prior to your fitting. If you have any blisters or sores, be sure to tape or bandage them up. Remember to ask your teacher what they prefer in regards to toe protection and foot accessories. Some prefer toe pads or toe caps and others prefer lamb’s wool and toe tape. 
Do I need to bring anything?
If this is your first fitting, you are not required to bring anything with you as we have everything you will need for your first pair of pointe shoes! We do recommend wearing convertible tights so your fitter can observe your feet, however, we do have sock tights available to use at the Shoppe. If you have worn pointe shoes before, bring your current shoes along with any toe padding or accessories that you use. This will help us to know how your current pair are fitting, how you broke them in and perhaps what you are looking for in a new shoe. 
How long will my pointe shoe fitting take?
Fitting pointe shoes is a trial and error process. It’s not uncommon for a dancer to try on numerous pairs! Don’t get discouraged if this happens to you. We are just ensuring you leave with the best possible pair. The average time for a first time fitting is between 45 to 60 minutes. It is important to us that dancers understand what a proper fitting shoe feels like, so we really take our time to explain how they should feel and visually look.
Do you offer group pointe shoe fittings?
YES! We offer both in store and in studio group pointe shoe fittings where we have multiple pointe shoe specialists working to ensure you get the proper fit. For the in studio group fittings, we bring our pointe shoe selection to you! We offer this to studios that are both located locally in London and surrounding areas. 
How should pointe shoes fit my feet? What do new pointe shoes feel like?
Pointe shoes feel very different than your street shoes and regular ballet slippers. In fact, there is no left or right foot to a pair of pointe shoes. We like to describe them as a hard second skin - they should feel compact and snug. However, not so tight that your toes are overlapping or curling. There is a difference between pressure and pain. Our fitters will work with you, asking many questions to ensure you are feeling the shoes on your feet properly. The reason they must fit so snug, is because as a dancer wears and breaks in their pointe shoes, they ‘soften’ and ‘expand.’ If they fit too big to begin with, they will encounter a ‘sinking’ feeling when dancing en pointe. This is very unsafe and can lead to blisters, ingrown toe nails, bruising and further foot/ankle injuries. For further information on the fit and life span of a pointe shoe, please email us: thelondondanceshoppe@gmail.com
Taking Your Pointe Shoes Home:
We know you can’t wait to get home and dance in your new pointe shoes! However, we do have a policy that they cannot be worn and no ribbons/elastics sewn on until your teacher approves the shoes on your feet. There are times where your teacher may want you fit in something different. This is no problem! You can come back to be refit and we will exchange the unworn shoes. 
Although we have multiple brands and many styles of pointe shoes in stock, there are times where we may need to order in a different size, width or strength. This does not happen often, but we can ensure an arrival of approximately 7-14 business days from your order date. If you do require a rush order, we can accommodate with an additional fee. If a pointe shoe supplier has confirmed that there is a back order issue, we will notify you right away.

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