Grishko Exam Demi-Pointe 0512


Grishko Exam Demi-Pointe 0512

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The EXAM demi-pointe shoes are made especially for beginners or for students needing Demi-pointe shoes for class work and exams. It is highly recommended the dancers to use demi-pointes for 6 months before going on to pointe.

The EXAM Demi-pointe shoes are modelled after the Grishko 2007. Please allow 3-7 business days for ordering and shipping.

- Stressless and pain-free switch from soft ballet shoes to pointe shoes.
- Forms the habit to work in hard box.
- Develops the forefoot, helps to correct arch muscle work.
- Hard but lightweight and still soft, in comparison to professional pointe shoes, box and solid sole form the correct position of the foot on demi-pointe position.
-Optimum care and comfort of the student's foot.