*Please note, some of our RP & Grishko Pointe Shoes may have delays of up to 16 weeks depending on the style and size. Please email before placing your order to inquire more!

We carry multiple different brands and styles in order to get the proper fit for every shape of feet. First time fittings are always by appointment only to ensure that the dancer gets our undivided attention. This is to ensure that the dancer understands how the shoes should feel and fit as well as so our staff can properly assess not only their feet, but their ankle strength and leg alignment. 

Already know what size you are and just need a new pair?! Purchase online with either the shipping option or in store pick up. Contact us if you have questions about how your shoes are breaking in and the different shank strengths we carry in many different styles.




Russian Pointe

Repetto (special order only - please email)

Gamba (special order only - please email)

Suffolk (special order only - order online)

Sansha (special order only - order online)