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Final Sale - discontinued slipper style 

The Proform is a split sole ballet shoe in which the forefoot outsole has been shaped to protect the metatarsals. This shorter, wider shape removes ridges when on flat or demi-pointe, allowing for greater stability and a flatter surface to pivot on. The kidney-shaped outsole pads eliminate excess bulky material when pointing.

100% Cotton square canvas upper - Soft but durable canvas that moulds to the shape of the foot
Heel Cushion - Prevents the heel from collapsing and holds the heel shape
Anti-bacterial cotton lining - For increased comfort and breathability
Kidney shaped forefoot and heel pads - Eases the metatarsal pressure allowing greater stability and reduces bulk under the arch
Three width fittings - Accommodating a range of foot shapes
Elastic sewn at heel only - Dancer can determine the positioning

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